CRM & Multi-Channel Management

Max ASP’s Inside Sales capability is enabled by the best-in-class application of CRM and multi-channel management tools. This starts with automating our core Inside Sales activity, including B2B account and contact profiling, call and communication management (including email and fax communication), lead and opportunity management, together with sophisticated workflow management, reporting, real-time dashboards and data analytics. This core CRM functionality is then extended by ever more powerful multi-channel management tools, including fax and email marketing, web conferencing and online collaboration.

“The problem now is that new technologies, in the area of CRM and multi-channel management and communication, are highly accessible and disruptive. The key to Max ASP’s approach is not to re-invent new processes and new technologies, but instead to use and optimize the leading industry tools and technologies which exist already and to apply these tools simply to how people work and to the business process you want to implement. It is about technology, of course, but it is even more about how you apply and live this approach and never lose sight of the user”
Head of Strategy, Max ASP Pharmaceutical Industry Client
Max ASP’s primary approach to Inside Sales program execution, across our direct sales, lead generation and channel management activities, is founded on rigorous business process design and operational planning which drives exact CRM systems development and deployment.
We place a tremendous emphasis on the “usability” of the CRM systems we develop and deploy, starting with the front-end user experience. This must be logical and simple, the focus is to create a system which allows an Inside Sales user, or a Field Sales user, to do their work quickly and efficiently, and to be as self-managing as possible. In the same way, these systems must enable effective management, based on logical and clear management reporting, intelligent dashboard design and enablement and on-going system optimization.
Max ASP’s multi-channel management and communication begins with enabling the key people who work in your go-to-market organization, including Field Sales, Inside Sales, Marketing and External Partner Sales people, to work effectively as individuals and collectively as a team. This means deploying simple to use processes and systems, and leveraging “industry standard” tools which people are used to working with (eg. Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and not introducing unnecessary complexity which users will simply not adopt or work with effectively. This then extends to using best-in-class industry standard multi-channel tools and capability, including web based presentation tools (eg. Lync or WebEx), CRM driven database marketing for email and fax marketing, shared document processes (eg. using SharePoint) which is underpinned by industry leading CRM technology (eg., Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc.).
We are highly skilled in managing complex list and data feeds, based on handling multiple sources of data from multi-client internal data repositories, as well as external list sources. This includes sophisticated data cleansing, de-duplication and merging of data records into a single master database, system data importing and on-going database management, including import and export data routines, together with a rigorous focus on user data quality and how to optimize this data quality continuously.
Max ASP understands the increasing importance of integrating Inside Sales and Field Sales activity, and using best-in-class collaboration tools to enable this. This starts with Field Sales diary management and visibility, shared lead and opportunity management and integrated reporting (including shared sales and target achievement reporting, shared pipeline management tools, etc.). Max ASP has extensive skills and experience in delivering integrated and collaborative Inside Sales and Field Sales teamwork.